Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend With My People

Last weekend, my lovely sister and papa came to visit.  The weekend was absolutely perfect.  They came Friday night and stayed till Sunday afternoon, and every day was packed with good conversations, a pleasant and fun atmosphere, and good food, of course!  I love it when my family comes to stay with us!  I get so giddy and want to make everything pretty and perfect for them.  It was a real treat!

[Almond biscotti baking, in anticipation of their arrival]
[Homemade eggs benedict. It was my first time making them and definitely not my last.  I loved making them!]
[Maja flipping through cookbooks at The Good Egg in Kensington.  What a treat!]
[I took Maja to my secret reading spot in U of T, but the gate was locked.  BOOOOO]
[Let us in!!]
[Love you!]
[Cappuccinos and crepes at Crepes à GoGo in Yorkville]

While Maja and I were being wined and dined by Toronto on Saturday, Vince, my dad, and some guys went fishing and brought home dinner.  I'd take shopping with Maja any day over fishing [sorry, Dad!].

1 comment:

Maja said...

I had such a great weekend too! Can't wait to do it again!!!

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