Thursday, June 28, 2012

Playing Catch Up

It's kind of obvious that I took quite a long hiatus from my blog.  I got lazy/preoccupied/uninspired, but now I'm back! A lot has happened since the last time I posted.  The Boy and I got a puppy named Stan. He's been so much fun and such a pest and I love him to pieces! Stan is a mini golden doodle (but it turns out, he won't be all that mini after all) and is quite a character.  He is a fairly lazy little guy until about 5 o'clock where, like clockwork, he turns into a hyper goofball.  His favorite pastimes are:

1. Licking lotion off of legs, elbows, and feet
2. Ripping apart his stuffed animal giraffe named Greg
3. Taking a seat on walks to awkwardly stare at any human being
4. Rummaging through bathroom garbage cans and shredding tissues, cardboard toilet paper tubes, etc.
5. Chasing butterflies

The day we picked up our pup

Shhhhh... They're sleeping

During my blog hiatus, I also got into grad school at the University of Toronto!  I'll be going for Information studies to become a librarian.  I couldn't be more excited!  Every time I go into a drugstore, I have to pass through the school supply section where I tell myself over and over that first I have to sign up for classes before buying notebooks, pens, folders, and sticky notes.  I'm an uber-nerd when it comes to school supplies.  Growing up, my favorite time of the year was just before school started when my mom, my sisters, and I went to Office Max or Staples and come home with bags of all the back-to-school goodies.  It's gonna be a great day when I get to go to the university book store and stock up on all my textbooks and supplies.  I can't wait!!


Vince Cancilla said...

best. blog. ever.

Maja said...

News flash! Target already has Back to School in full swing!

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